Featured Dog : Meet Capone!!!!!

Meet Capone.  This handsome boy is about 3 years old and so full of love.  Capone would make a wonderful addition to a home with older children, due to his energy.  He is dog friendly too, just needs proper introduction.  Oh and did we mention he is stunning?!  This boy is very affectionate.  He has a great personality and is very happy go lucky.  All he needs is a family of his own to make his dreams come true. 

Please visit the following local business who are currently displaying out adoptable dogs.  Thank you Juice and Java of Mechanicsburg; Barefoot Yoga and Wellness Studio; Animal Hospital of Rye, Marysville; Serenity Skincare and Wellness Center, Camp Hill.  A heartfelt thank you goes out to each of these businesses for supporting Speranza!!!!!!!



Welcome our New Arrivals


This 4 year old boy is very lucky.  For 2 weeks he was sighted running across Paxton St and 83 in Harrisburg.  Police reported that two men tied him to a pole and abandoned him.  Olaf broke free and fortunately survived on his own for 2 weeks.  This boy is truly a gentle giant!


Pulled from death row, this sweet boy was thought to have been involved in a dog fight.  

When we took him to the vet  for a recheck . Both ears have developed hematomas - so he will be having surgery tomorrow. 

The hair and skin from the base of his forehead back to his neck has literary began peeling off. Sadly the vet says this is consistent with being burned with hot water or chemicals of some kind. 

Although he has endured such abuse this boy has not stopped smiling. He is in good spirits , and quite the lover! 


Lance has an unfortunate past.  He was being abused at the shelter he was at down south. When he arrived at Speranza he was petrified, scrawny and hesitated with every step he took.  After a few weeks at Speranza and making some doggie friends Lance is gaining confidence and learning that not all humans are bad.  

We look forward to rehabilitating Lance and to the day that he no longer cowards- but stands at his kennel asking for attention.  


She came from the Philly shelter - just escaping her 8 o clock time stamp. She was to be put down. 

She is an older gal , around 7 years, and has a very bad upper respiratory infection. She is recovering well in her foster home and getting stronger everyday. 


This sweet boy's family left him abandoned in their house after they moved out.  It is estimated that he was alone in the house for a few weeks before we were contacted about him.  We cannot figure out how anyone could have left this boy behind.  He is very affectionate, playful and full of love.

Tarzan and Jane

This adorable pair are brother and sister.  They are a little shy, but truly shine in the presence of children.  They are gentle and sweet and looking for a perfect home where they can gain confidence and blossom.


Gomez was pulled from a kill shelter where he was time stamped to be euthanized.  He has some issues with his skin and is very thin.  But while his appearing may not be perfect, his personality is... this boy is so gentle and sweet.  


The pit with partial paralysis in her hind end.... 

This older gal just wants to be in your lap 24/7. She is one of the happiest go lucky dogs I have ever met - never stops smiling and wagging her tail. 

She came to Speranza after spending years in shelter.  Her hind legs are weak from possibly being hit by a car.  But that doesn't stop her from enjoying life to the fullest!