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Speranza Animal Rescue



I got a call this evening regarding a stray in Harrisburg.

When I Arrived I saw a police vehicle and people standing around a porch. However i saw no dog.....

As i approached , i asked where he was , and they pointed their finger to the corner , and there he lay- curled up in a bawl so tight and his body shaking violently from the cold.

While I spoke to him he would look up at me with those eyes - those eyes that were filled with sadness and confusion.

When i started to speak to him , he would look away from me and growl , however after a few minutes , his hunger got the best of him , and he began to take some food out of my hands.

His tense body started to loosen up and you could see he was starting to realize it was going to be ok.

No more cold and lonely nights for you sweet boy. I look forward to showing you that not all humans are bad.

Welcome to the family, Diego ♡


Headed back from Philadelphia. My stomach in knots and a lump in my throat over a dog riding quietly in my back seat.... 

She was brought in to the shelter as a stray late last night. Her body is weak and her dull coat drapes over the bones on her emaciated body.

However neglect is not the only thing you notice when you look at her. You see a victim of abuse. The cuts and gashes on her face ar...e consistent with those of being cut by a knife. Her lower jaw has a huge hole in it , and the skin is dead, rotten, and invested with maggots.

And when i look into her eyes my heart breaks- as her eyes tell a story of a horrific life. Her eyes tell a story of a dog that was left to fend for herself. Her eyes tell a story of a dog that was abused and tortured by the hands of the real monsters in this world - us humans.

I'm so sorry for all the pain you have endured. I'm so sorry for all the suffering you have gone through. And I'm so sorry that I can't erase the memories of your past.

But starting today I make you a promise. A promise that you will have no more worries as to where your next meal is coming from. I promise that the only hands that touch you are those filled with love. And I promise you that the only memories from here on out will be happy ones.

Welcome to the family , sweet Madeline.


I was sent this picture today. . It's of a dog sitting at the Philadelphia shelter. She was an owner surrender brought in 24 hours ago...

Today she sat there with a smile on her face, and a blue card on her kennel... but that blue card is not a good thing. It means she was set to be euthanized today. Her time was up. It was there she would die....

I just picked her up in Morgantown, and the... first thing I saw were those big brown eyes.. but then I could tell that something wasn't quite right.. her hind end is shaking , and it gives out on her. She has no control over her bladder and stools , and she is bleeding a good amount from her vagina.

Despite the condition she is in , she whimpers with excitement.... she yearns for love and she gives kisses like there is no tomorrow. .. however for her there now IS a tomorrow...

I'm driving to the emergency vet now... The tears are rolling down my cheeks- the thought of this being something serious is in the back of my mind..

But for now she is safe. She is alive and loved. And her future begins now. Right here. With me.

Welcome to the family, Miss Beazley ♡


The other day while I went to pick up Trixie and Pacino at the shelter , I was shown a dog back in the quarantine area....

She had been surrendered to the shelter by her owner a few days before.....

While the woman spoke about her , I didn't hear much of what she was saying.. I was too focused on this terrified dog.. her body language showed signs of aggression , however her eyes had told a ...different story.

It told a story of a dog who had lost hope. A dog that's heart had been broken. A dog that felt by snarling and bearing her teeth would make humans ignore her, and walk away....

But not this human....

I could see through the dull look in those eyes- if you looked close enough you could see a small sparkle....

I could see her heart was hurting - - but it was bruised and not broken.

And with each snarl and growl - I saw deep down that she was just yearning for love and affection.

When I walked away from her that day my heart hurt.. knowing I couldn't take her right then and there... however I told her it would be ok, and I would be back...

Today I fulfilled my promise to her....

She is now back here safe and sound at the rescue.... where her new journey will begin.....

Welcome to the family , Buffy

SEPT. 10 2015 : RODNEY

To the owners of 'Rodney' ...

I was sent the above picture of YOUR 15 year old dog that you dropped at a kill shelter yesterday......

I drove a total of 3 hours to pick up YOUR dog late last night- so he wouldn't die in a loud and noisy shelter at 8 pm. ...

I cried tears over YOUR dog- seeing him in so much pain , and not even able to get up.

I drove YOUR dog to the emergency vet - where a volunteer and I stayed with him until 1 am.

YOUR dog has been living in excruciating pain for a while now- the xray showed he had advanced osteosarcoma, and a large mass in his shoulder.

And I ended YOUR dog's pain and suffering, while letting him finally cross the rainbow ' s bridge.

YOU should have been there holding YOUR dog tight , telling him you loved him. YOU should have been there , comforting him , as you were the only family he ever had.

I want you to know , that YOUR dog was loved to the very end- even though it should have been you there with him.

I got to experience the most wonderful kisses from a gentle soul- but it should have been YOUR face that he kissed last.

Even though YOUR dog died in the arms of a stranger last night- he passed knowing he was loved and that his life DID matter.

I'm so sorry you weren't able to move over the bridge sooner , Rodney. You are now pain free , and while for only a short time - you were loved by us.

SEPT 3 2015 - SADIE

I got a call from a local shelter about a dying dog.....

She's a 14 year old pitbull mix and she has spent the last 4 months in the shelter , on a 'hold' - meaning her owners were coming back for her.... but they never did.

Thinking of her spending her last moments there made my heart hurt- so I drove down and got her. ...

Her frail and weak body is covered in tumors.

Her eyes are filled with yellow discharge , and her bloodwork shows that she is in renal failure- meaning her kidneys are shutting down.

While I can't give her a lifetime full of things she has always deserved - I can give her a week to remember .

I will give her a warm bed to sleep in.

I will give her a house to call a home.

I will hold her each night as she falls asleep in my arms.

And I will be there holding her tight , when the time comes , for her to cross the rainbows bridge.

While it may only be for a short while , I'd like to welcome Sadie to the family


I was shown this girls picture last night. She was found as a stray in Philadelphia.

The volunteers at the shelter said she was so weak she could barely stand- her eyes spoke to me- they had lost all hope.

Needless to say i drove and got her last night. She is severely emaciated , very weak , and has sores under her belly.... almost looks like bed sores. ...

However , when i picked her up her tail began to wag , and she was a different dog then I saw in the picture.

While she is very weak , she puts all her effort in showing her appreciation by kissing my face.

No more worries for you . Welcome to the family , Miss Tillie ♡


Driving back from Morgantown in tears - over a dog sleeping peacefully in my back seat.....

His whole body is covered in burns.... whether grease or chemicals- we will never know. He smells of pus and infection. His right eye is no longer of use.. the muscle shows through on his hind leg where the flesh was eaten away...

I can't even fathom the pain this poor dog has experienced. ..the pain ...that us humans , us monsters have inflicted on him.... instead of showing hate or shying away - he greeted me with a wagging tail and kisses....

For once in my life I have no words. .. no words to express what I'm feeling right now.. no words to express how sorry I am that we failed you..

All I can do is make you a promise - a promise that I will show you enough love and affection to try and make up for all the bad in your past. ..

Welcome to the family , Jefferson


Just getting home from another emotionally draining day in rescue...

I received a call from an officer this evening regarding 2 dogs living in horrible conditions.

A volunteer and I drove down to Mt Carmel PA, to take the 2 dogs home... ...

However when we arrived we discovered a total of 4 ...

All 4 have spent their lives in crates- crates so small they couldn't even stand up straight in them. They lay in their feces and urine for hours on end..

Their coats are sticky- from the urine residue, the female was so thirsty she was actually licking the water off of the plants outside.

Despite their lives of horror they are nothing but smiles and tail wags - they crave affection and attention.

We drove down tonight planning on bringing 2 back with us- but we couldn't think of leaving the other 2 behind.

It makes my heart happy to know that these 4 are on their way to better lives...

Welcome to the family , Sarge , General, Penny, and Scout ♡♡♡♡


I got a call earlier today. Regarding a Cane Corso abandoned in a house which was raided by the police.

I was told this dog was very aggressive, and protective of her 'home'....

When I arrived I was not prepared for what I saw. ...

She coward behind a dryer in the laundry room .

With every move we made she would lunge and growl - you could tell she was terrified and protecting the only thing she had left in the world- a small room , covered in feces and filth.

After about an hour and a half I realized that sedating her was the safest thing for everyone involved.

Once she was brought outside , she sat there , soiled herself , and just shook in fright.....

This young skinny dog has been through things that I don't want to know anything about. She has the look of neglect . The look of hopelessness. The look of defeat. A look I have seen one time too many.

Tonight things changed. She was given a chance - a chance at a real life.

I know you have a long road of recovery ahead of you - and I'm willing to take this journey of showing you love and affection.

It's been a long 18 hour day , but before I go to bed I'd like to welcome Bubbles to the family

MONA LISA : MAY 19 2015

I was shown the top picture of this dog this afternoon - she was found as a stray in Philadelphia - and it's apparent she was used as bait.......

I drove straight down to the shelter, my stomach in knots.. so many emotions. I felt anger, sadness, and disgust. More than I have ever felt in the 3 years I've been involved in rescue....

When I got to the shelter they walked her down a long hallway..... the moment i saw her I fell to my knees and just broke down. This little pint sized pittie- only 30 pounds- greeted me with a wagging tail , and kisses all over my face.

As she pranced out of the shelter, and hopped into my car , I couldn't fight back more tears... this dog that has been through so much pain is nothing but a sweetheart. Just a happy go lucky pup.

We are heading back and I will be taking her straight to our emergency vet - a surgeon will look at her and see what he can do to reconstruct her face - her face that at one point was in one piece.

These are the days that are the most trying in rescue. The days you doubt yourself- wondering if you can keep going... but then I look over at her and she has the biggest smile on her face - and THAT is a reminder of why we do what we do...

I am so sorry us monsters have failed you. Im so sorry you had to endure so much hurt.

I promise from here on out life is going to be nothing short of sunshines snd rainbows ....

Welcome to the family, Mona Lisa


I was made aware of a situation in New Bloomfield- only 35 minutes from the rescue...

When I arrived I saw the dogs- chained to dog houses. I heard barking coming from a red barn- and one white face peeking through the window....

The one chained male, is 2 years old. He is covered in filth, and has a bloated belly- most likely from parasites. He has sad eyes. Eyes that make your heart melt. T...he eyes that long for love and attention. ...

The other chained dog is a 4 year old female - however she looks much older. Her ribs show through her dull coat . She is not trusting of people... she acts out in an aggressive manner- she doesn't want to be bothered. She doesn't want to be loved- as she has no idea what that even means....

The third dog is the one whose head poked out that window. The one who was barking. As if begging for help. When I saw this one my heart sunk. The pictures do not truly show how emaciated this 3 year old is...she walks slow , as she is weak and tired. However her tail still wags - constantly....

It breaks my heart to know that these dogs have been living like this for years- their whole lives... they say a chained dog is a choked soul- and by the look of these dogs - I believe it.... However, I'm excited to make that change.... starting today.

Welcome to the family, Big Mac, Frenchie, and Milkshake.


Link to Dolly's Rescue :

I got a call this morning regarding a stray dog in Harrisburg. She was seen sleeping on a lady's front porch.

By the time I got there she had left... I decided to drive around for a few minutes and that's when i spotted her- eating out of a pile of trash.

I got out of my car and tried to approach her. Her tail was tucked tight , and she gave me a growl as if saying back off. ...

I continued to follow her down through several alleys. She would keep looking back at me - show me her teeth and let out a few more barks.

After about 10 minutes of this , she came to a stop. She stood there and stared at me. I knew this was my chance.

I sat down in the alleyway about 10 feet from her. She continued to bark at me. I turned my back to her and just began talking... I assured her it was ok now. I told her I was not here to hurt her. I just wanted to help.

I could feel her come behind me and she began to sniff me all over. I kept talking... she then came around towards my front and so gently sniffed my cheek.

What she did next absolutely made my heart sink - she lifted her left paw up at my face and then so gently curled up into a ball in my lap. She looked up at me with those eyes and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead. A kiss that was her way of saying thank you.

Her coat is dull and filthy. She is covered in fleas. It is apparent she has been on her own for quite sometime now...

Welcome to the family , Dolly


Yesterday afternoon I experienced a feeling I will never forget. 

After coordinating with Angel's mother's nurses and the hospital - We took angel for a visit....

When we arrived outside of Martha's room , I had butterflies in my stomach.. I was wondering if this was the right choice, for Angel and her mother.... ...

When we walked in , and i saw Martha's face, all my doubts had gone away. It was a sight that would have made any one tear up- just pure joy. Angel jumped right on to the bed , and the tears just poured down my cheeks..

We listened to this woman talk about her dog - her child- for about 45 mins- and I enjoyed every word. She showed us tricks that she had taught her best friend , and just kept saying how great is was to see her. And how great it was to know she was ok....

I ensured her that I would keep her updated with pictures of her journey at the rescue- and when she moves on to her new family.

As we got ready to leave they gave each other one last hug. One last kiss. And we left.

In some weird way , it was like they had closure. Angel left the hospital with a huge smile on her face , as if she knew everything was ok. She knew her mom still loves her more than life. And she knew why her mother had to do what she did...

Martha , I from the bottom of my heart want to thank you.. thank you for taking such good care of your girl. Thank you for spoiling her and thank you for treating her the way every dog should be treated...

I will keep my promise to you - I will find your girl a home that she deserves - a home just like you gave her

ANGEL MAY 5 2015

Being in rescue you see alot of bad things. You come across alot of bad owners. And you witness the abuse and neglect that takes a toll on these dogs..

This dog that joined us tonight , is not one of those cases. She is fully vetted - spayed , UTD on shots, and very well taken care of.

She has been spoiled , loved , and treated as every dog should be. She was family.......

The owner's in home nurse called us yesterday begging for help....

She is very ill and should have gone to the hospital a week ago - but she wouldn't. She knew that her dog needed her.

She has no friends, no family , just her and Angel. She would not leave her behind. Not without knowing she would be safe.

Today the woman signed the surrender form while in her hospital bed. I can't even imagine the heart break she endured. Giving up her four legged child. Her best friend. Her life.

Tonight I cried the whole drive home. I just can't grasp how hard this must have been for Angel's mom...and Angel....They have been each other's support system for 4 years.

Tonight I make a promise. Not only to this sweet dog , But To Her Mother....

I promise I will take care of your girl the best I can. I promise to offer her as much love as possible. And I promise to find her a home that she deserves - a home just like you gave her....

Welcome to the family , Angel

JANUARY 22 2015 : OLAF

A dog has been sighted in Harrisburg for the past two weeks. Running across busy roads and highways. Eating scraps , and fending for himself. He had been labeled the ' Paxton street dog'.

Tonight this came to an end.

I got the call whi...le I was still at the rescue . The words that I have dreamt about hearing.... 'We got him '.

When I arrived there he was - leashed and sitting on the porch.... I went over to him , knelt down and began kissing his massive head.

On the ride to the vet, I kept looking back at him. He was sleeping so peacefully. The only sounds were him snoring.

This dog is truly one of the luckiest dogs I know. It is uncertain how he had not been hit by a car- dodging traffic for 2 weeks now...

Well tonight he is inside - safe and warm. He is no longer a stray. He no longer has to worry where his next meal will be coming from. And he will no longer have the title - the paxton street dog.

Welcome to the family , Olaf


I got a call on Friday night regarding this dog. His owners were evicted and left him behind. A story that is far too common this time of year.

When I arrived he didn't acknowledge me. He was curled up in his box so tight.. just shivering. When I shook him he looked up and I saw those eyes- filled with saddness. ...

He had a frozen bowl of water, and a wooden box for shelter. When I walked away he would howl and bark - as if asking me not to leave him behind...

His hind end is weak - from no muscle tone- as living on a 4 foot rope has taken mobility away from him. He has sores on his pressure points- from laying on a wooden surface - no blankets, no straw , no nothing - just a wooden floor.

Thanks to the humane officer we were able to take him that night...and put him in boarding. ..

I got word last evening that the owners are willing to surrender him. . When I got the news , my eyes filled with tears - this boy is finally able to begin a new chapter in his life..... after waiting 15 years.

Id officially like to welcome - Snuggles to the family


This photo was shared with me . When I saw it my heart broke. The look in this dog's face told me a story- a very sad story.

That look of hopelessness. That look of defeat. That look I have seen one time too many times.


He was taken to the shelter - and was put on a 48 hour stray hold - which ended today... his time was up. It was there he would die....

Needless to say I am driving back from Philadelphia.

He is laying in my back seat- his tail tucked tight - if I go to pet him he looks away and his body tenses. He is shut down. Shows no emotion . You can see the hurt and pain which he has endured - from us humans.

I look forward to showing you what its like to be loved. What its like to be wanted. And what its like to be a dog - not an animal left tied and abandoned in a park.

Welcome to the family , Parker


Tonight , being Christmas Eve , my boyfriend and I decided we would offer another pup in need our home.

I emailed the Philadelphia shelter earlier today, and asked for a dog that was at risk of being euthanized. . A dog that stood no chan...ce of getting out. A dog with no hope.

She sent me this picture. He was picked up as a stray in the city a few days ago- and no one ever came forward to claim him.

When we arrived at the shelter , this pup was paralyzed with fright. His tail tucked so tight , and his body stiff. He would not move , almost as if his feet were glued to the floor where he coward.

I picked him up and carried him out of the shelter. Out of that place where he would have spent his last hours. Where he would have died a lonely death.

On the car ride home he was still scared. However , he eventually fell asleep and I enjoyed watching him - as he finally looked at peace.

Minutes ago we arrived home. When we walked in the door this once scared little pup let out a yelp and started prancing all over the place . His spirit lifted in seconds , and that look of fright was left outside the door.

Tonight I have tears in my eyes as I type this and my heart is filled with joy. Tonight we were able to give a gift to a very deserving pup - a gift that he may have never received otherwise - the gift of life .

Welcome to the family , Herbie


I got an email early this morning. ..I was made aware of an emaciated dog living in a box outside..without hesitation I picked up a volunteer and we headed to the address givin to me.

When we got out of the car we saw no dog. After a few times she emerged from her wooden box- inside a small enclosure.

My heart sunk. This skeleton of a dog looked at me with those big brown eyes... as if

begging for help.

We proceeded to the door of the house . After speaking with the owner for a while - they were not interested in surrendering her....

I then offered to pay for a vet visit- if they let me take her right then and there- They finally agreed .

Once ' Sabrina' was loaded in the car I could not help but notice that the lymph nodes in her neck were hard as a rock and incredibly swollen. With her being 11 years old , I had a feeling that this could not be good.....

When we arrived to the clinic, they took her right back . Minutes later the doctor wanted to speak with me - that gut wrenching feeling appeared in my stomach.

When she walked in the room I burst into tears- the look on the doctors face said it all- then came the words ' advanced stage Lymphoma'

The glands in her neck are so swollen - she is having a hard time eating and swallowing.

I called the owners and told them the news. I had a difficult time talking as I was choking on my tears. They didnt want to be a part of putting her down- so they surrendered her to me over the phone...

While I dont want to prolong the inevitable , I know this dog deserves so much better than what her life was. She spent 11 years in that box. Outside. With little attention.

She needs to experience life in a house with a warm couch and a loving hand petting her and hugging her tight.

So I brought her home. .....

While I sit here and type this my heart hurts. But as I look over and see her curled up next to me resting peacefully - I cant help but smile.

Heaven will be gaining a new angel this afternoon . And when that time comes I will be holding her tight, til her very last breath.

However right now she is where she belongs - even though for a few short hours- after 11 years , she is finally home .


I got a message from some concerned neighbors regarding another sad case.

A case that this time of year is far too common. A dog chained and abandoned....

My head told me not to go tonight-as we have no room for another dog. But my hea...rt and gut told me the opposite....

Driving there with one of the volunteers , we were talking about how we wished this would be an easy fix. Hoping this dog was not abandoned , and not left to live on a chain.

We knocked on the door of the house. It was apparent no one lived there anymore- the door had a padlock on it and all lights were out.

You could hear a bark coming from around the back- so we proceeded to the alley way - and there he was. This dog sitting so quietly and patiently in the cold - almost as if he was expecting us.

I went over and looked at the large tow chain that was attached to his collar - and the 'home' where he has been staying for months on end.

As I knelt down and spoke to him , he licked the tears from my cheek.

After over 2 hours of dealing with the police , and tracking down his owner - we got the 'go ahead' to take him.

I slipped a leash over his neck and unhooked that heavy chain - and he led me down that alley . Without hesitation he jumped into the car , and he let out a big sigh.

Its been another long and emotional day in rescue - an 18 hour day... but knowing he is sound asleep in a warm bed , will let me rest peacefully tonight.

Welcome to the family - Lincoln


Got one of those calls today. Those calls that make your stomach turn.

It was regarding a chained pit bull, outside with no shelter.​

Upon arrival , you could hear a bark coming from behind the house...once around the back I saw the face that belonged to that bark.... ...

A dog stood there , with a 5 foot chain attached to it. His bowl was empty , and there was nothing to protect him from the weather and cold.

That look in his eyes was one that could make your heart melt - it was not one of abuse - it was of neglect. It was of spending his life without the love and affection you know he craved...

I went and sat down next to him , he sniffed my face , then wrapped his front paws around my neck and hugged me tight - as if saying 'thank you' ...

These are the days you realized you changed a life for the better....

Welcome to the family , Monkey Joe


I got a call this afternoon regarding a dog that has been hanging around a persons property for over 3 weeks now....

When I got out of the car I happened to look up at the old barn to my right - and there she was. Curled up tight as could be - trying to stay warm.

As I approached her I caught a quick glimpse of the terror in her eyes ... she then took off running into a small opening unde...r the barn door.

I entered not knowing what I would find . It was dark, and it was apparent that this barn has been vacant for years...

while I couldn't see , I could hear rustling and screeching - rustling from her scrambling to get out of any opening she could find , and the screeching was her screams of pure panic.

The light coming through the cracks of the boarded up windows , led me to her. I sat there and spoke to this scared dog. .. she looked up at me with those heartbreaking eyes- those eyes that you often see in dogs with a bad past.

She coward down and squinted as I went to leash her - and she urinated where she stood.....

This poor soul is young. Maybe 4 months old... it sickens me to see her shake with fear , and lack that trust in us humans.

You can stop running. You can stop being scared. You are now safe.

Welcome to the family - Bessie


A humane officer in Lancaster called me this afternoon. .. regarding some dogs just seized from a hoarding case.

She told me about the dogs- and one in particular she kept talking about. When she spoke of him her voice crackled as if up...

When I arrived at the shelter , I now know why her voice sounded the way it did. My jaw dropped and tears filled my eyes.

I looked down and saw this skeleton of a dog , his sunken eyes looked up at me - as if wondering why us humans were all so sad. As if he had no idea that he was in such bad shape.

He is to be around 2 years old and has spent the majority of his life locked in a crate- his coat stained yellow from laying in his urine and feces..

He has very little strength, but what energy he does have he spends it licking your face. His tail wags so fast to show his appreciation when you pet him.

You have a long road ahead of you little man - but it will all be filled with the good things in life.

Welcome to the pit crew, Mason


Got a phone call this morning.... Regarding 3 dogs that were being kept outside in the weather 24/7 - with absolutely no shelter.

When I drove up the driveway I saw 3 dogs curled up in a ball , trying to stay warm in the cold rain.

As I ...approached them they all got to their feet and started jumping and barking- they were happy jumps , and playful barks....

There is a female chocolate lab, a male black lab, and a black lab mix...

They are now warm and cozy at the Dillsburg Vet where they will be checked out and given the care they need..

No more cold nights for you kids- welcome to the family, Calvin, Hobbs, and Dodger


Got a call from Lancaster city Police regarding a 3 year old in a bad situation. ...

When I got there all i saw was this big boy standing behind a broken down fence which kept him in a tiny alley way... where he was left to live.

Once the officer cut off the wires , he came out and it was like he knew he was leaving.... he covered me with slobbery kisses and wiggled his butt non stop. He hasnt stopped smiling since I put him in the car....

Excited for our journey to begin- Welcome to the family , Capone


Got a call on a stray in York Springs.... she has been seen coming in and out of the woods since Sept. 10th....

When I got there I saw a scared dog... a dog that had lost faith . Her tail tucked so tight between her legs and she coward in fright....

After a few minutes of coaxing her , her fright turned to curiosity... I spoke softly ensuring her it was ok....

I eventually was able to slowly slip the lead around her neck... after a few more minutes she came , sat beside me and nuzzled my cheek.

The ticks that cover her body are so large and her coat is dull and irritated. It is also apparent she has been used for breeding.....

I look forward to showing you that not all humans are bad.... Welcome to the family , Naydia

BOOMER :JULY 21 2014

Just getting back from Harrisburg from a call I got on a dog.

When I arrived I saw a younger male. His tail tucked so tight between his hind legs. If you walked toward him he would growl and bark and shake in fear.

He eventually jumped ...on to the hood of a car...I assume he was trying to show dominance .

After about 20 minutes of talking and reassuring him I got the leash around his neck...

When I reach to pet him he squints his eyes and cowards. As if he will be beat...

I look forward to showing u some love and affection little boy.....

Welcome to the crew Boomer

MAZIE :JUNE 26 2014

I got a call this evening ... regarding a dog hiding in the corn field close to the rescue. 

When I drove up I could barely see her in between the corn rows. Everytime I spoke or moved towards her she would growl and snarl...

I sat with my back turned and began telling her about some of the previous dogs I had rescued. About how they are now safe and happy whether at the rescue or in a forever... home... .

After about 20 or 30 minutes the growling had stopped.... i heard the corn stalks start to move. Next thing I knew this terrified dog with her tail tucked so tight in between her legs came over to me. She rolled on her back and showed me her belly.

I sat there for a while longer , and she came over and nudged her nose across my cheek- as if saying thank you.

That nudge , that kiss, that look of gratitude gets me choked up everytime. ..

Welcome to the rescue Mazie

BUSTER: APRil 29 2014

I got one of those calls around 2 o clock this afternoon.. one of those calls that makes your stomach turn...

'A dog has been tied to a tree since at least 7 this morning'..

When I arrived I wouldnt have seen this dog if the lady didnt him to me..

He was curled up in a ball so tight, and his whole body shaking violently from laying in the rain.

He looked up at me with those big brown eyes . All I could see when I looked in them was fear and confusion....

He had a choker chain attached to a leash tied to the tree. A muzzle hung around his neck... it makes me sick to think that he was muzzled when left there.. left there to die a cold and lonely death.

His body was tense on the way home. If I looked at him he would curl up as if trying not to be seen.. its obvious he has been hurt before...

Im looking forward to showing you love, compassion , and restore your faith in humans sweet boy.

Welcome to the family Buster

Jethro - Feb 15 2014

Headed back from Philly....

Got a call on a 6 month old Cane Corso that was left behind when the family moved out last week


When arriving to the house i got a sick feeling in my stomach. The windows were boarded up and there was no l...ight coming from inside.

As the landlord let me in , my heart sank. There was no dog in site. I called for him as I continued to walk through the trash , clutter and dog feces.

There was an open door leading me to the basement. As I walked down I saw a look I've sadly seen before. The look of a dog with a broken heart , and a confused look in his eyes.....

He was crouched down in a corner - trying not to be seen.... when I spoke he would growl..

It wasn't a mean or vicious growl - it was almost as if he was saying

' I'm scared . I'm so sorry. Please please don't hurt me'

After about 5 mins of talking and throwing treats - the skinny , terrified dog approached me...

I put a leash around his neck and we walked out of that house. That house where he was left behind...

Tears are in my eyes as we head back to the rescue . Seeing him sound asleep and resting so peacefully makes my heart swell.

No more worries for you sweet thing - welcome to the family Jethro

Waldo :Feb 12 2014

Heading back from picking this boy up.. He is underweight, stinks of feces and trash , and looks exhausted. 

His left front leg is 'twisted' . He showed no pain or emotion as I put him in the truck. He just curled up in the back seat......

I started talking to him- Telling him he doesn't have to be scared ,he doesn't have to be worried , and is now safe.

After rambling for about 10 mins he came and put his head on my shoulder and sighed - as if saying 'thank you '.

I don't know what your past was . I don't know what you have been through. But I can promise you one thing, you will be loved from here on out. Welcome to the family Waldo

Phoenix. Dec 21 2013

Driving back to the rescue from the Uniontown site .

No words can describe what I felt today. No one could have ever prepared me for what I had seen.

Walking around in the pouring rain through trash and mud. A place where just a week ago 45 dogs were living . Most of them chained, others roaming free in packs. ...

Of the last few dogs that remained, there was one chained male in particular that really got to me....

His head hung low and the look of hopelessness was in his eyes. Around his neck was a a long steel chain connecting him to his 'home'- a barely standing dog house filled with mud and filth..

As I walked around the property my stomach turned and the tears started to build up in my eyes. Feces piled up, dirty water bowls, trash piled everywhere... we also discovered two deceased pups... they never had a fighting chance

I was unsure of who I was taking home tonight. Until someone spoke about the one male- the male whose head hung between his legs . The one that looked defeated.

"He will never stand a chance at being adopted . With spending his life on a chain he is just too much for a rescue to take on"

It was at that moment that I decided - HE will be coming home with me... 

Billie Jean: October 21 2013

So I got a call around 9 this am regarding a pit bull that was eating trash out of a dumpster... when I arrived I saw a skinny , scared and exhausted dog. She looked as if she has been on her own for a while...

Hours and hours of trying to catch her i was starting to lose hope. She kept looking at me and then would run back into the woods....

Right before i headed out i saw her again..- laying there soaked and shivering . I went to move closer.. her skin was hanging off her body and her coat covered in wounds , cuts, and scrapes. She looked at me with those eyes -those lifeless eyes. As if she was telling me she couldn't keep going....

That look made me break down. I laid and bawled about 3 feet from her trying to grasp the horror she has been through.

She had 2 ways to go. Towards me or back into the woods- as I lay there and cried she came over and laid beside me as if saying 'its ok '...

After 6 exhausting hours we arrive back to the rescue - together...

I would officially like to welcome Billie Jean to the family.

Zeus: May 27 2013

Today I got a call regarding the dog in the article below. His story touched me so I called the shelter manager to get more information. Apparently, he was a stray that was being shot at, so he ran off, and in result was hit by a car

I drove to Lancaster as soon as I got off the phone to meet this boy. You could tell by the way he was so hesitant to move he was in excruciating pain. He looked up at me and my heart just broke. That feeling of sickness... in my stomach turned to pure anger. He looked so lost, so painful, so emotionless....

I asked the vet what they had done to treat him. 'we made him comfortable because he will be put down tomorrow.'

Needless to say "Zeus" is now in the care of our vet in Boiling Springs. He will be staying there and get a full work up- X rays, blood work, and some rest. The doctor said that it appears his cornea is ruptured, and he will most likely lose that eye. He also may have a collapsed sinus cavity and broken bones on the left side of his face.

It has been another long, and emotional day in rescue... but before i go to bed , i would like to say one thing: WELCOME to the family Zeus